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Black Trivia Power Cards

You have the option of drawing cards, or answering a black trivia question using the Power Card app on your mobile device.

If you answer the question correctly, the person who hit you has to draw the designated number of cards instead.

The Power Card app has hundreds of questions to generate; and is constantly being updated.

To Stack or Not to Stack

Can you stack draw cards? OF COURSE YOU CAN!!!  In Black Uno we call this a "stack attack" and we've made things more interesting by adding Draw 8's and Draw 10's to the lineup.

Classic Gameplay (with a twist)

Trade Hands! Switch the Color! All of the classic tricks are at your disposal in Black Uno.  First time playing? No worries! We have game rules both on the Black Uno mobile app, and our website.

Playing Cards Mockup_BlackUno1.png
What is Black Uno?

What is Black Uno?

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